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+The Project FAQ’s

Q: What is parity?

A: In short, parity means equality. As it relates to minority business, parity is equal opportunity for minority business owners compared to their mainstream counterparts.

Q: What is the Journey to Parity?

A: The Journey to Parity is an in-depth evaluation of the realities facing the minority business community after laboring 25+ years to achieve economic equality.

It is a two-part analysis. The first will be a comprehensive book with up close and personal accounts of some of the major contributors to the minority business community. The second will be a documentary providing candid coverage of the minority business quest for equality.

Q: The home page shows head shots of well-known business leaders. Will Journey to Parity only cover those individuals?

A: No. The individuals we chose for the promotional materials represent those considered pillars of the minority business community; however, the Journey to Parity is not only about a select group of leaders. It is more about looking at the growth of minority business as a movement, complete with numerous contributors.

Q: What can the audience expect? Will there be short biographical descriptions of minority business leaders, photos, etc.?

A: We do not want to spoil the surprise, but guarantee that the Journey to Parity is far more expansive than short bios. The audience can expect to walk away with a complete understanding of and appreciation for the minority business movement.

Q: Will Journey to Parity only feature minority business owners?

A: No. JTP is a comprehensive look at the entire minority business community: minority business enterprises, corporations, advocacy groups, educators, mentors and leaders.

Q: Is MBN USA magazine affiliated with this project? What is the connection?

A: Yes. To celebrate its 25-year anniversary, MBN USA is producing the Journey to Parity. As the voice for minority business, MBN USA is the logical choice to tell these inspirational stories, as suggested by its tagline “We Tell Your Story.” This anniversary year, MBN USA is telling the 25-year story of the minority business community’s Journey to Parity.

Q: Journey to Parity looks like an exciting and important work! How can I help support this project?

A: From the home page, simply click the “Partner in the Journey” tab, and you will be prompted through the process for making a contribution.

Q: Are only corporate contributions accepted?

A: No. Contributors can be corporations, business owners, individuals, etc. No amount is too large or too small; all contributions are welcomed and appreciated.


August 17, 2013
We are ready to officially launch the Journey to Parity sponsorship site! It is fulfilling to see the culmination of months of planning and preparation come to fruition.

July 29, 2013
We are approaching our official launch of the Journey to Parity sponsorship site!

July 24, 2013
The homepage video is complete! We can’t wait to give the community a sneak peek of what they can expect from the Journey to Parity project!

July 15, 2013
Our Journey to Parity sponsorship brochure is nearing completion! We are so excited to present our partners and supporters with opportunities to contribute to this great work!

June 2013
We have decided on a design theme! The book and DVD covers look phenomenal!

May 2013
The Journey to Parity team has compiled a preliminary list of individuals and organizations to include in telling the story of minority business development.